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Before I slave over a proper Home/About page, let me explain our end goal:


Emotiscope is a service in development where users can pay to automatically track the sentiment (Also known as Opinion Analysis) of any custom topic to graph the positive/negative reactions of people on Twitter over time. So for example, if a company wants to gauge the reaction to a new product they’re releasing soon, they create an Emotiscope “campaign” for it and configure it to watch for relevant terms such as the product’s name and promotional hashtags before their launch.


Also available are a few other unique tools such as Milestones – these are goals automatically tailored to the user’s Twitter account and give them a live ETA of their next thousand or million followers based on current growth.


An upcoming feature in development is Apriori Analysis against the entire set of tweets collected during a user’s campaign. Apriori can find unseen correlations in things such as tweet text, user location and sentiment. For example, it might find that users from Timezone A might be more positive when speaking about you than users from Timezone B. This is the same algorithm that sites like Amazon use to show you what other products you might be interested in based on the correlations found in all other transactions from people the same age, in the same area. (And let’s be honest, they probably know your hobbies and fetishes somehow too.)


Updated 4/18/16 by Connor Nishijima